Residents of Ashland

Henry and Lucretia Hart Clay on their 50th weddign anniversary.  Photo courtesyof Univrsity of Kentucky Department of Special Collections and Digital Projects

1806-1852: Henry Clay, his wife Lucretia Hart Clay, and their eleven children






James B. and Susan J. Clay c. 1850

1853-1866: James Brown Clay (Henry Clay’s son), his wife Susan Jacob Clay, and their ten children



 John Bryan Bowman. Courtesy of Transylvania University Library

1866-1882: Kentucky University (including the Agricultural and Mechanical College,) precursor to the University of Kentucky, John Bryan Bowman, Founder and Regent





 Henry Clay and Anne Clay McDowell c. 1895. Courtesy of the Univeristy of Kentucky Library Department of Special Collections and Digital Proejcts

1883-1917: Anne Clay McDowell (Henry Clay’s granddaughter), her husband Henry Clay McDowell and their eight children





Nannette McDowell adn Thomas Stapleton Bullock. Courtesy of the University of Kentucky Department of Special Collections and Digital Projects

1917-1948: Nannette McDowell Bullock (Henry Clay’s great-granddaughter), her husband, Dr. Thomas Stapleton Bullock, and their son Henry Clay Bullock



Henry Bullock C. 1910. Courtesy ot eh Univeristy of Kentucky Department of Special Collections and Digital Projects

1948-1959: Henry Clay Bullock (Henry Clay’s great-great-grandson)






1950 to the present: Owned and operated by the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation, a private non-profit 501c3 organization


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This bulidng was built at the Ashland estate to house labs and classrooms for mechanical instruction or what now would be called engineering.

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