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If you have driven by Ashland, especially along Fincastle, Woodspoint, and Richmond Roads, you would have seen that some trees have been marked with colorful ties.  These are the trees that will be up for adoption this winter.

The cost of adoption will run from $200 to $700.
The colorful bands on the trees signify the cost:

Green = $200  /  Orange = $300  /  Pink = $500  /  Pink & Green = $700.

Once the tree is adopted, we have laminated tags acknowledging the Adopter which will be more durable and will remain in place longer. The tags will be removed once the work on the tree has been completed.

There are 30 Trees Available for Adoption

These are our 2017 trees that are still up for Adoption:

  • 2 Black Walnut ($300, $ $500)
  • Osage Orange ($300)
  • White Pine ($500)
  •  Black Maple ($300)
  • 2 Yellow Poplar ($300, $500)

Click the Donate button below to adopt your tree. In the ‘special instructions to the seller,’ include your tree and price level.