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Henry Clay: The Essential American

By David and Jeanne Heidler

Hardback 595 pages $30.00 + shipping

This biography released on May 4, 2010 incorporates the latest research to present the most up-to-date and entertaining biograph of Henry Clay yet.  The volume is at once clearly scholarly and approachable. It paints a complete picture of Henry Clay the politician, statesman, and human being.

At the Edge of the Precipice

by Robert Remini


This slim volume by noted Clay author Robert Remini examines a very large subject: Henry Clay as statesman and compromiser. Using the the example of the Compromise of 1850, this volume  examines clay’s unique ability to motivate his colleagues to action and ultimately compromise to preserve the union.


Henry Clay: Statesman for the Union
by Robert Remini
Paperback – 818 pages – $21.95 + shipping

This  biography by noted historian Robert Remini includes a chronology of Clay’s life, 1777-1852, and a genealogy of the Clay Family. The book covers the “Mill Boy of the Slashes” in Virginia, through his life in Kentucky, to his last days in Washington.


The Influence of Henry Clay Upon Abraham Lincoln
by Edgar DeWitt Joneslincoln-clay-book
$5.00 + shipping
First published by the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation in 1952, the 100th anniversary of Henry Clay’s death. 42 pages. Reprinting made possible by funding from the Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. Limited copies. This informative and interesting book tells of how a young Abraham Lincoln became and remained a devoted supporter of Henry Clay. A glimpse in to the connected lives of two great Kentuckians. Forward by William H. Townsend.

Images of Americaashlandphotohistory
A Photographic History of
Ashland, The Henry Clay (Arcadia Publishing)

by Eric Brooks
Paperback – 127 pages – $19.99 + shipping

The first book dedicated to the history of Henry Clay’s historic and beloved estate, Ashland. Over 200 vintage images, including many published for the first time. Part of Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series.

Josephine Clay: Pioneer Horsewoman of the Bluegrassjosephine-book-cover4
by Henry Clay Simpson, Jr.
Hardback – 125 pages $19.95 + shipping
Paperback – 114 pages $17.95 + shipping

Written by Henry Clay’s great, great, great grandson, this book tells the remarkable story of Henry Clay’s daughter-in-law, Josephine Russell Clay. A woman ahead of her time, she successfully took over the operation of the Clay famliy thoroughbred breeding operation at Ashland Stud for 15 years after the death of her husband, John M. Clay, Henry Clay’s youngest son. She bred RILEY, winner of the 1890 Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Bloodlines: The Legacy of Henry Claykybloodlines
(Official Exhibition Catalog)
$5.00 + shipping
Paperback 48 pages

A beautifully written and photographed partial catalog of the Kentucky Horse Parks’ 2005 exhibition, “Kentucky Bloodlines: The Legacy of Henry Clay.”



The Family Legacy of Henry Clay: In the Shadow of a Kentucky Patriarch

by Dr. Lindsey Apple

Hardback $35.00 + Shipping

This first of its kind new book examines the rich legacy created by Henry Clay’s descendants. It considers the challenges and diffiiculties of living in the shadow of a famous ancestor and the accomplishments achieved by the family. This book examines the Clay family in a way it has been never before.

Henry Clay the Lawyer

By Maurice Baxter

Hardback 141 pages $35.00 + Shipping

Henry Clay was one of the great attorneys in American History. This volume chronicles his outstanding legal career. It discusses his cases, practice, and the impact he had on American jurisprudence.


Henry Clay and the American System 

By Maurice Baxter

Hardback 259 pages $35.00 + shipping

Henry Clay’s greatest goal in life was preserving the Union. His plan for doing that was called the Aemrican System. This work explains Clay’s platform which was based on building a strong national economy that would bind the North and South together.

Madeline McDowell Breckinridge and the Battle for a New South

By Melba Porter Hay

Hardback 353 pages $40.00 + shipping

Of all of Henry Clay’s descendnats none may have as successfully succeeded him as ana orator and public servant as Madeline McDowell Breckinridge. This volume traces her life as a champion of numerous social causes and most importantly sufferage for women.

Bluegrass Winners A Cookbook – 1st Edition
by The Garden Club of Lexington
Hardback $19.95 + shippingp2230253

An intimate view of the unique and fabulous Bluegrass horse country of Kentucky and the recipes that made it famous. Bluegrass Winners is a high quality, colorful cookbook reflecting the hospitality of the Bluegrass. It features over 400 recipes, 80 pages of color photography and historical descriptions of famous horse farms. Menus include everything from a simple family meal to a formal Kentucky Derby Dinner. All proceeds benefit the formal garden at Ashland.


Entertaining with Bluegrass Winners (2008)  entertaining-bluegrass-winners3
by The Garden Club of Lexington
Hardback $29.95 + shipping

New recipes, menus and photos from Kentucky’s legendary horse farms. All proceeds benefit the formal garden at Ashland.

The Mint Julep: The Very Dream of Drinks (book)
$10.00 + shipping
From the “Old Receipt of Soule Smith, Down in Lexington, Kentucky”

This unique handset manuscript published by the Graves family of Lexington, eloquently tells the story of the Mint Julep as “the drink of the Gods” and its origin in the garden spot of the world – the Bluegrass region of Kentuckybookmarkscropped.

English Leather Bookmark
$4.50 + shipping

Features gold embossed images of Henry Clay and Ashland Estate. Available in black or hunter green.



Henry Clay Commemorative Medallion

Henry Clay Commemorative Medals

To honor the 200th Anniversary of Henry Clay becoming Speaker of the House, the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation presents the Henry Clay Commemorative Medallion.

The first ten of the numbered medallions were produced in silver with gold and awarded to all living Speakers of the House.

 Only 90 medallions in silver were produced, each containing 2.5 ounces of pure silver and each individually numbered according to minting order. A limited number were struck in bronze with a unique antique finish.

For a limited time, these Henry Clay Commemorative Medallions will be offered at the special price of $249 for silver, $49 for bronze, and $265 for boxed set of each. Free shipping and handling.


Henry Clay Portrait
American Heritage 19th century portrait engraving
by Thomas Johnson
Matted, Black and White, 9″ x 12″ $8.50 + shipping

This likeness was published in 1880 based on a photo of Clay taken when he was at the height of his career. Engravers had to transfer photographic images onto a wooden block so they could be copied and disseminated. It was not possible to print directly from a photographic plate until around 1900.

Ashland Watercolor Print (Spring)
by Sallie Clay Lanham
Prints 16 x 22 – $17.50 + shipping
Prints 8 x 10 – $ 6.00 + shipping

A soft pastel watercolor of the Mansion with beautiful spring foliage. The house, built in 1857, is a reconstruction of the original.


Ashland Watercolor Print (Winter)
by James D. Werline
Limited Edition Prints 20 x 24 – $50.00 + shipping

Commissioned for Kentucky’s 1992 Bicentennial.

Ashland Brass Ornamentornament2 

Boxed and mounted on green velour
$18.50 + shipping

Three dimensional polished brass hanging ornament of the Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate mansion.

Handpainted Ornaments – NEW!
 Handpainted by local artist Christy Buckner.  Price  $35.






Silhouette Ornaments – These ornamets are laser cut wood painted matte black and come with a silk ribbon for hanging. price: $6.00
kybloodlinepostersmallKentucky Bloodlines: The Legacy of Henry Clay
Official Exhibition Poster
$5.00 + shipping
An 18″ x 24″ limited edition full color poster created for the Kentucky Horse Park’s 2005 exhibition, Kentucky Bloodlines: The Legacy of Henry Clay.

Henry Clay Silhouette Print (unframed)websitesilhouette1

12″ x 16.5″
$20.00 + shipping



Pewter Kentucky Mint Julep Cup (9
$52.00 + shipping

Pewter Kentucky Cup Jigger (2 oz)
$23.50 + shipping

This julep cup is made of Salisbury pewter in the classic design of the traditional silver Kentucky julep cup. The shiny, no polish, 9 oz cup is the design of Asa Blanchard of Lexington and Archibald Cooper of Louisville. Drinks served from this vessel truly represent gracious Southern hospitality.

Henry Clay Kentucky Historical Plate

$80.00 + shipping

Chown bone china plate-10.5 burgundy and white- designed by Jill Jayne Read

Inscription on back—HENRY CLAY (1777-1852)was a U.S. Senator and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives; U.S. Secretary of State; and three-time Presidential Candidate. Known as the “Great Compromiser” because of his prominent role in attempting to avert the Civil War by authoring both the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850.

Border includes various symbols of Kentucky.

FOOD ITEMSashlandtealabel3

NEW!   Ashland Estate Tea
25 tea bags in Collector Tin – $9.00 + shipping

A fine Chinese black tea especially blended for Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate by Elmwood Inn Fine Teas.  Typical of tea that would have been available during the early 19th century. Delicious hot or cold!

Kentucky Mint Julep Syrupsyrup21
12.7 oz – $7.00 / 5 oz – $4 + shipping

“A Taste of Tradition” from Best of the Bluegrass. A syrup pre-made for your favorite Derby Day tradition – the mint julep. Also a delightful addition for your lemonade or iced and hot tea or your favorite punch.

Stationary and Notecards

Ashland notecards100_0569
Pkg. of 10 (5 of each) $10.00 or $1.50ea. + shipping

Two beautiful images of the Ashland mansion.
For individual orders, please specify day or evening image.


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