Family Bible

Making History Today

One of the more interesting aspects of some artifacts is the physical journeys they make. Kelly from Pennsylvania submitted her husband Mark’s family bible which has traveled a long way in its nearly 150-year life. The book was published on Arch Street…

Chest and Trunk

Making History Today

As is often the case with Americans, we can trace our ancestry back to immigrants who came here searching for a new life. The same can be said of many Kentuckians whose families then took it one step…

Rookwood Pottery Tiles

Making History Today

Newspapers have been a part of Lexington life since the early years of its existence. For over one hundred years, the Lexington Herald and Lexington Leader were the two main papers and for most of the last 50…

Muskrat Skin Stretcher

Making History Today

The state of Virginia plays a prominent role in the family history of many Kentuckians. For Ken from Lexington, his roots run back to the tidewater of Virginia and this muskrat stretcher is a reminder of that fact.…

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