The Ashland Arboretum is home to over 600 trees and 44 species. Maintaining these trees is no small feat. Each year we select trees that need the most maintenance and tag them for adoption by the community. By adopting a tree, you pay for its maintenance for the year and ensure that it thrives at Ashland for years to come.

Spring 2024 - Trees Are Tagged and Ready to be Adopted

How To Adopt a Tree

  1. Choose Your Tree.  Come to Ashland and pick out your tree from those tagged with the colored bands or choose from the list below.
  2. Tear Off Tag. Trees have tags in plastic bags showing the tree number and species. After choosing your tree, open the bag and tear off the bottom portion of the tag to be returned with your payment. Leave the top portion in the bag.
  3. Payment Options. During normal museum hours, bring your tag and your payment to the Museum Store in the Keeper’s Cottage. Outside of these hours, mail a check made out to HCMF to 120 Sycamore Rd., Lexington, KY 40502. Please include the tag with your payment.

You may also use the “Adopt a Tree” PayPal link below. In “Write a Note (Optional),” be sure to enter the tree number and species.

Trees Available for Adoption
FL&D - Front Lawn & Drive facing Sycamore
RR - along Richmond Road
NL - North Lawn between Richmond Road and Rear Lawn
WL - Woodspoint Lawn

FL&D – 04Wild Cherry $400
RR – 06Blue Ash$350
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