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Ashland is  privileged to have one of the finest collections of any historic house museum in the country.  In addition to the largest and most important collection of artifacts of the life of Henry Clay anywhere, Ashland has significant furnishings, silver, fine art, books, and textiles.  The collection forms the basis for all of our visitor experiences and programs. Below is our artifact catalog. In it, you may find information about the artifacts in the collection and photos as well. For further information about the collection or any artifact in it or to order images pelkase contact Curator Eric Brooks at or 859-266-8581 x 203.

We maintain an active preservation and conservation program to insure the long term survival of the treasures we hold in public trust.  We also continually seek to enhance our collection through careful acquisition.  We are always interested in hearing of artifacts that might be of importance to our collection and such artifacts may be brought to the attention of curator Eric Brooks at or 859-266-8581 x 203. Such submissions should include as much information about the artifacts as possible including source, previous ownership, and especially images.



This folder contains letters, printed items, documents, and ephemera.

Henry Clay Death and Funeral Items



The folder contains books of all sorts.

Military Service

Artifacts relating to the Clay family's service in the US military


This folder contains artifacts such as paintings, furniture, textiles, personal items, campaign memorabilia, etc.


This folder contains photographic images including CDVs, Stereocards, Cabinet Cards, and other photographivc media.

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