Family Quilt


Heirloom quilts like this one, submitted by Susan from Lexington, have long been passed through families. This hand-tacked scrap quilt was made by her great-great grandmother and passed from mother to daughter until it reached Susan. These threads bind the family across time and space and have survived for over a century, even making the journey from New York to Kentucky.

There are several special quilts in the Ashland collection. Many were made in honor of Henry Clay, such as this one featuring a campaign banner used by the La Grange Mill Boys, a club organized in La Grange, TN to support Henry Clay’s 1844 presidential campaign. This quilt was made by Elizabeth Willis Anderson to preserve the banner for her son whose father was a member of the Mill Boys. Along with the flag, the quilt contains a quote from Henry Clay: “I had rather be right than President.” Much like Susan’s quilt, it became a family heirloom and has survived for 160 years, also making a long journey from Tennessee to Texas and ultimately to Ashland.

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