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At Ashland, we believe every student deserves to learn from authentic historic sites. We are excited to offer field trip opportunities for a variety of interests and needs.

On-Site Field Trip

Onsite field trips for the Signature Henry Clay tour (indoors), the Women’s Voices tour (indoors), and the Traces: Slavery at Ashland tour (indoor/outdoor) are available. We book on-site field trips based on a mutually agreeable date and time.

$125 for up to 4 people

$150 for 5-8 people 

$10/person for 9 or more people & homeschools, $5/person for public & private schools

Virtual Field Trip

With our live virtual field trip experiences, staff can customize programs for different grade levels and special interests.

$50 for up to 10 connections

$100 for over 10 connections


Signature Henry Clay Tour

This artifact-driven tour takes students through the downstairs and upstairs of the mansion. Guides focus on Henry Clay, compromise, and the leading issue of Henry Clay’s time: slavery. We can add other themes to coordinate more closely with specific lessons or requests. The tour typically takes around one hour, but can be adapted to fit the needs of each group.

Traces: Slavery at Ashland

Walk in the footsteps of the people enslaved at Ashland as you learn about family units, farming, and labor. The tour reflects appropriate themes for elementary through high school. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Women’s Voices

Explore the lives of nine women of Ashland and how their lives show the changing roles of women from the late 18th to the mid-20th centuries. The tour lasts one hour but can be adapted to fit group needs.

What To Expect

Educators can choose from our live virtual field trip options and will work with staff to choose a date and time for their tour. When booking a live virtual field trip, please be prepared with three date and time choices.

Before the field trip, educators will receive corresponding resource guides to enhance their visit. Staff will use the platform of the educator’s choosing (ex. Zoom) to lead students on a live virtual field trip. After the tour, an Ashland educator will be available for a student Q&A.


Virtual field trips must book at least 24 hours in advance. Please be prepared with at least three possible dates and times. Contact Manager of Education Brenna Pye to book! or 859-266-8581 x 205.

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