The USS Ashland & the USS Henry Clay

In the history of the United States Navy, three vessels have been named for Henry Clay or his estate.

The USS Ashland LSD-1

Ashland (LSD 1). –This vessel was commissioned on June 5, 1943 as the firstof a new class of ships designed to deliver troops and equipment in support of amphibious assaults. The USS Ashland saw significant action in the Pacific Theater in World War II and received seven battle stars. The ship remained in service until decommissioning on November 22, 1969. At this time, the first USS Ashland was sold into civilian service. The ship’s bell was installed on the grounds of the Ashland Estate in 199.

The USS Ashland LSD-48

The second ship named in honor of Clay’s estate, the USS Ashland LSD-48, was commissioned on May 9, 1992 and is currently on active duty. It is a modern version of the original USS Ashland LSD 1 and now serves in amphibious operations in support of the global war on terror.

The USS Henry Clay SSBN 625

The USS Henry Clay was a nuclear powered Polaris Missile submarine commissioned on February 20, 1964. The USS Henry Clay saw duty all over the world as part of America’s cold war nuclear arsenal. She was decommissioned on November 5, 1990. After decommissioning, the sub was recycled.



The Henry Clay Memorial Foundation and Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate, salute and support the brave men and women who have brought honor to Henry Clay’s legacy through their service on these vessels.

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