Liberty Hall Clock


There are many museums in Kentucky that, like Ashland, make history every day. One that has many connections with Ashland is Liberty Hall Historic Site in Frankfort, the home of Kentucky’s first United States Senator, John Brown. John Brown’s brother James was married to Henry Clay’s sister-in-law, Ann “Nancy” Hart Brown. James Brown was Kentucky’s first Secretary of State and was appointed Ambassador to France by James Monroe in 1823, serving there until 1829. During that time, he did a lot of shopping. He bought this clock featuring the Greek God Apollo for himself and this sauce bowl is part of a dessert service he bought for his wife’s sister, Lucretia Clay, to use at Ashland.

These pieces show just how lavish and stylish Kentucky’s first families could be. They imported the finest furnishings from Europe to show their taste and refinement. It also reminds us that they were part of a small and very interconnected society.  While the Browns had no children themselves, Henry and Lucretia named one of their sons (James Brown Clay) after Brown. Thanks to Liberty Hall for sharing! For more information on Liberty Hall, visit their website: 

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