Aaron Dupuy

Aaron Dupuy was born in Hanover County, Virginia around 1788. Sources indicate he was connected to Henry Clay’s family, and that he was 11 years younger than Henry Clay. According to Aaron’s obituary, he was 78 when he died. The first record of Aaron’s enslavement comes from an entry in one of Henry Clay’s account books. Clay received 10 pounds for the leasing of Aaron’s labor in 1799.

In January 1802, when Aaron was about 14 years old his labor was leased again for a period of five years, this time to Henry Clay’s brother-in-law. Around that time, Aaron met an enslaved woman named Charlotte who was laboring in a tailor’s shop in Downtown Lexington. Aaron and Charlotte married in 1806. 

Aaron served as the personal valet and coach driver for Henry Clay. Aaron also traveled to Portugal with Clay’s son James and his family. 

While Aaron’s wife Charlotte and their children, Charles and Mary Anne, were manumitted by Henry Clay, there is no indication that Aaron was ever freed before the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865. 

Aaron died on February 6, 1866 while living with another of Henry Clay’s sons. According to Aaron’s obituary, he was survived by his wife Charlotte, their daughter Mary Anne, and their grandchildren. 

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