Charles Dupuy

Charles Dupuy, born about 1807, was the son of Aaron and Charlotte Dupuy. Charles assumed responsibility for his father’s role as Henry Clay’s valet, and he traveled with Clay to serve him in Washington, D.C.  Henry Clay manumitted Charles in 1844, four years after Henry Clay freed Charles’ mother Lotty and his sister Mary Ann. Charles continued to work for Henry Clay as a freedman until 1848. A January 1845 issue of the Lexington Observer and Reporter stated that Charles received compensation of $10 per month for his labor.

A census document of Free Inhabitants of Washington, D.C dated July 1850 lists a Charles “Dupuis” aged 40 and born in Kentucky with the following family:

Amelia Dupuis – Wife age 35; born in Maryland
Charlotte Dupuis – Daughter age 15; born in Kentucky
Charles A. Dupuis – Son age 13; born in Kentucky
William A. Dupuis – Son age 8; born in Kentucky
Virginia Dupuis – Daughter age 5; born in Kentucky
David Dupuis – Son age 3; born in Kentucky
Sarah Dupuis – Daughter age 4 months; born in Washington, D.C.

Charles’s date of death is unknown. His father Aaron’s obituary made no mention of Charles and listed his wife Charlotte, daughter Mary Anne, and grandchildren as surviving him. Charles does not appear in the 1860 U.S. census and may have died between 1850 and 1860.

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