Mary Ann and Henry Dupuy

Mary Anne was the daughter of Aaron and Charlotte Dupuy, and the sister of Charles Dupuy. Mary Anne’s duties are not specified but she may have helped her mother with cooking and likely helped look after the Clay’s grandchildren.

Mary Anne had one son, Henry, born in 1833. In 1840 Mary Ann and her mother Charlotte were freed. In their Deed of Emancipation, it specifically stated that her son Henry was not freed. What happened to Mary Anne after she was freed is unknown. In her father Aaron’s 1866 obituary, Mary Anne is mentioned as a surviving family member.

Henry Dupuy was Mary Anne’s son, and little is known about him other than that Henry Clay sold Henry Dupuy in July of 1848, at the age of 15. In the deed of sale for Henry Dupuy he is identified as “mulatto” (mixed race), and though Henry’s father is unknown, his mother was Black, which means Henry’s father would have been either mixed race or white. Though the circumstances around Henry’s sale are unknown, he was sold to a man in Louisville, and Henry Clay made a condition of Henry Dupuy’s sale that he was to be free at the age of 28.

In May 1850, in a Clay family letter, Henry Dupuy was described as: “tall but…not…stout.” This is the last known reference to Henry Dupuy. Whether he was ever freed or survived to see the end of slavery is unknown.

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