The Gardens

In 1950, the Henry Clay Estate asked the Garden Club of Lexington if they would help to create and maintain a formal garden at Ashland. Funds were raised for the project by selling war bonds and were used to hire Henry F. Kenney to design plans for the gardens.
Today the garden and grounds feature over 120 plant species. The Garden Club members have added a peony garden behind the formal garden and a monarch waystation nearby. Maintenance of the gardens is still the responsibility of the club which meets weekly to see to its upkeep.
In 2005, the Garden Club received a Historic Preservation Award honoring their more than 50 years of work on the estate. 

Endres, Victoria.  “Ashland Gardens.” 
The Garden Club of Lexington inherited the peony collection of Alice McIlwain Prewitt after her death in 1985. Mrs. Prewitt loved gardening and helped direct the restoration of Ashland, so Ashland is a fitting place for her collection. The peonies are all Saunders hybrids purchased in the 1950s, and these peonies won the Lindley Silver Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, England in 1962 for Mrs. Prewitt and Professor Saunders’ daughter Silvia.
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