Meet the Women of Ashland

Usually when one thinks of Ashland, one thinks of Henry Clay, but the women of Ashland are a remarkable group whose efforts have not only ensured that Ashland survived and thrived, but also impacted their communities in countless ways. Theirs are stories of strength, resolve, intelligence, and wisdom. They also represent the evolution of the roles of women that occurred during the 19th century.   Here is a brief video introduction:

First Mistress of Ashland, 1805-1852
Enslaved at Ashland, 1806-1840
The Clays’ English housekeeper, 1804-1855
Second Mistress of Ashland, 1853-1865
Successful horsewoman and author
Third Mistress of Ashland, 1882-1917
Lived at Ashland, 1883-1918, Artist, Architect, Inventor
Fourth Mistress of Ashland, 1917-1948, Founder of Henry Clay Memorial Foundation
Progressive Reformer, Suffragist c.1890-1920
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