Milking Stool


Kentucky has a long and rich artistic tradition and often Kentuckians make gifts of their art to people they care about. Diana from Lexington received this beautiful milking stool from her grandfather, an excellent woodworker from Carter County, KY. He crafted this piece in the 1980s.

Henry Clay also received gifts from artisans including this cane from F. Hendeber of Jackson, KY. It has an engraved brass knob and Henry Clay’s name is spelled out on brass medallions attached to branch stubs along the body of the cane. You can see Henry sporting a cane like this in the painting, “Henry Clay, The Farmer of Ashland” by an unknown artist after the engraving from the portrait by J.W. Dodge (shown below).

This engraving shows Henry Clay in an agrarian setting. It was designed to foster his image as a farmer and is from a painting by John Wood Dodge.

Presentation walking stick. c. 1844, wood and brass. 

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