Original Estate Map

Map of Clay Family Properties
Prepared by Bill LaBach


Red – Clay Villa bought in 1844 by James Brown Clay and owned by him for a few years. He built a handsome home on the land.

Dark Blue – Mentelle properties. The one across the road from Ashland was the residence of Waldemar Mentelle and his wife who had only a life estate in it. When that came to an end, the Mentelles in 1854 bought the 14 acres which is now Mentelle Park. Thomas Hart Clay’s wife was Marie Mentelle.

Green – The Woodlands owned by James Erwin and his wife, Anne Brown Clay, as it was when auctioned in 1852.

Yellow – The main Ashland estate as it was when auctioned in 1853. It was bought at auction by James Brown Clay.

Light Blue – Ashland on the Tates Creek Pike owned by John M. Clay and his wife Josephine. Part of the property was inherited from Henry Clay and part was purchased by John later.

Purple – Property bought by Henry Clay McDowell in 1889.

Tan – Mansfield bought by Henry Clay in 1837 and left to his son, Thomas Hart Clay.

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