Bourbon Whiskey Our Native Spirit : Sour Mash & Sweet Adventures


Take a whirlwind trip down the Bourbon Trail with Whiskey Professor, Bernie Lubbers and learn about a nation’s native spirit. In the pages of this funny and easy-to-read book, you will learn how bourbon is made, the history of bourbon in Kentucky, America, and the world, the difference between whiskey and bourbon, and how to read labels of bourbon and whiskey bottles and over 60 pages of travel information to make the most out of your visit to Kentucky. Included is an updated and expanded guide to where to go to visit the Kentucky distilleries as well as other bars, restaurants, and hotels nearby to make the most of your visit. There is also a guide to Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail. Readers will find an expanded section on drinks and recipes to make with bourbon at home, and how to host your own bourbon tasting. Also new is a who’s who of the names on bourbon labels, a history of the evolution of the drink from corn whiskey to bourbon whiskey, hints on how to host a Kentucky Derby party in your home (with accompanying bourbon recipes), a list of approved bottled in bond restaurants in the United States, and lots of new facts and trivia about this uniquely American beverage. Just like a fine dream, drinkers will savor Bernie Lubber’s Bourbon Whiskey. It is a personal and very enjoyable guide to America’s native spirit. (Paperback, 264 pages).

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