Only in Old Kentucky:: Historic True Tales of Cultural Ingenuity


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Only in Old Kentucky: Historic True Tales of Cultural Ingenuity

Tracing Kentucky’s unusual history through its early days as the rough-and-tumble frontier and its settling down and growing up in dozens of directions, Only in Old Kentucky” offers a series of novel and fascinating stories of bygone days from Cadiz to Versailles. Kentucky’s saltpeter reserves take a backseat to coal mining today but played a critical role in the military engagements of yesteryear. Devil John Wright morphed from a Civil War soldier to a circus performer to a legend. Dueling so shaped the early commonwealth that to this day, officials must take an oath promising to refrain from doing so. Join historian and professor Marshall Myers as he tracks down Kentucky’s hidden oddities and curiosities, reviving and celebrating the most bizarre and captivating stories Kentucky history has to offer.”


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