Racing Silk Quilt


Few things are more “Kentucky” than Thoroughbreds and the quilt submitted by Sue from Lexington was meant to convey that Kentucky spirit. Though Sue is not a native Kentuckian, she has lived in the Commonwealth for many years and helped co-curate an exhibit on Ashland’s equine legacy at the Kentucky Horse Park. This quilt was made by a friend to show appreciation and make sure she always had a unique piece of Kentucky to remember it by.

The Ashland Thoroughbred story is long and amazing as demonstrated by all the jockey silks shown on the quilt. The story began in 1806 with Henry Clay’s purchase of Buzzard, in what is thought to be the first stallion syndication in the U.S. Buzzard was successful despite being blind in one eye and lame in one hip. In 1830, Henry Clay established Ashland Stud and began an important bloodline. Through two of Henry’s prized mares, Margaret Wood and Magnolia, we have 11 Kentucky Derby winners that trace their lineage back to Ashland Stud. Later generations of the family continued Thoroughbred breeding while some favored Standardbreds. Henry Clay’s racing colors were buff and blue and can be seen on the quilt along with other family  silks. We haven’t had a Derby winner with an Ashland Stud bloodline in many years, but we’re always hopeful!

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