Activities and Assignments for the Classroom

Ashland hopes that every student has a meaningful visit and leaves with new ideas about compromise and patriotism.  Teachers can help make the tour a more meaningful experience for students by preparing them for their visit and by reviewing what they have learned.  We have posted the following activities for your classroom.

The 1847 Market Speech and Activities

The People and artifacts pictured in this bingo game should be familiar to students who have visited Ashland and will make a fun review.  Click here to print Ashland Bingo.

The Crossword is filled with vocabulary familiar to students who have toured Ashland.  It can also be used to introduce what students will see on their tour.

Civil War at Ashland

A Few Good Reads for Students

Cobblestone Magazine, November/ December 2010.  Henry Clay, The Man With the Plan.

Henry Clay: The Great Compromiser.  By Michael Burgan. 2004 Child’s World.

What Was the Missouri Compromise? And Other Questions About the Struggle Over Slavery.  By Wendy Lanier.  2012 Lerner Publications.

The Influence of Henry Clay Upon Abraham Lincoln. By Edgar DeWitt Jones. 1952 Henry Clay Memorial Foundation.

Josephine Clay; Pioneer Horsewoman of the Bluegrass.  By Henry Clay Simpson, Jr.  2005 Harmony House Publishers.


Many thanks to Jennifer Vanderlugt for creating the activities on this page.

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