Photography at Ashland

Photography Sessions on The Grounds


Day Fees

Single shoot/client: $25

Multiple shoots/clients: $25 per shoot/client

Wedding party: $100

(We recognize that photographers often schedule multiple clients within a single day.

Under these circumstances, each client is an individual charge.)

Monthly Pass

Unlimited sessions for one month


Monthly and Yearly passes do not include wedding parties

Yearly Pass

Unlimited sessions for 1 calendar year


Monthly and Yearly passes do not include wedding parties

When paying:
In “Special Instructions to the Seller”

please write:

  • “photo shoot”

  • photographer’s name 

  • date and time of the event

Anyone holding photo shoots on our property in a non-tourist capacity is required to pay a nominal fee for an Ashland Grounds Photo Pass for daily, monthly, or annual use. 

Schedule all sessions in advance by calling Operations Manager, Carey Murphy at 859-266-8581, x204

Outside regular museum hours, use the “Pay Here” button below to submit payment, following the rates above. Please keep your payment receipt to show to staff while on site. 

For further rules and restrictions, please download our Photography Contract. 

Photography Inside the Mansion

Ashland guests are welcome—and encouraged—to take personal-use photos to remember and share their visit. 

Visitors may:

  • Take photos and video for private, noncommercial use.

  • Use handheld cameras, smartphones, and tablets with the flash turned off.

  • Use stabilization devices (tripods, monopods) or selfie sticks when outside.

  • Post images and video from their visit on personal social media sites. (Tag @henryclayestate for a chance to be featured on Ashland’s social media channels!)

Visitors may NOT:

  • Use flash inside the house or exhibition spaces.

  • Bring bulky camera bags or equipment. 

  • Use stabilization devices (tripods, monopods) or selfie sticks inside the house or indoor exhibits.

  • Sell or publish the images.

  • Use images of Ashland to promote any product or service.

  • Enter restricted areas cordoned off with stanchions or reader rails.

  • Disrupt other guests or block doorways or walkways when taking photographs.

Unsure if photography is permitted? Please ask an Ashland associate before taking any photos.

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