Traces: Slavery at Ashland

Traces: Slavery at Ashland Tour

Tuesdays through Saturdays    1:00

  • Check-in for your tour is in the Cottage.  Your tour will start outside near the Cottage.
  • Please arrive about 10 minutes before your tour start time.  **Late arrivers are allowed on the tour within the first 5 minutes only.**


The tour which tells the unvarnished story of the men, women, and children enslaved at Ashland. The indoor/outdoor, multi-media experience traces their footsteps and brings visitors to the very places at Ashland where they lived and worked. Traces was the first guided slavery tour in Kentucky.

45-minutes.  Requires standing and a few steps into the house.  Weather dependent.

For adults and young people 12 and up.

Book your tickets online in advance.

How do the Signature and Traces tours differ?

Which tour should I take?

On the Signature Tour, you will see the whole mansion, learn of Clay’s life, career, and family.

On the Traces Tour, you will be outside then in a few rooms of the mansion but with a focus on slavery.

Many people find that the two tours complement one another.  There is a small amount of shared content. 

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